Take a peek at the list of Frequently Asked Questions below and see if they can help. 

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to email us. We will be happy to help. 

What is Little Fawn Box? 

LFB is a brand discovery box, with products for both mum and baby inside. Each box contains products to the value of over £30. 

What will be in my box next month? 

Now that is a surprise. But if you look at past boxes you can see the type of thing that you will receive each month. 

How can I cancel my subscription? 

Oh no. Did we do something wrong? 

We really don’t want you to leave, but cancelling is easy. 

Simply log into your account here: LOGIN 

If you need help, please see instructions: HERE

Please note: you will need to cancel your subscription before 29th of the month otherwise you will be charged and your next box delivered. 

How do I change my delivery address or billing details? 

If you wish to change the delivery address for the boxes, please email us at info@littlefawnbox.co.uk and we can do that for you. 


How do I log into my customer account? 

You can log in here: LOGIN 

I can’t log in to my account! 

if you are struggling to log into your account, it is possible that you didn't choose a password when you first subscribed. Don't worry, please just email us and we will be happy to help with this.

Alternatively, you can set up your account here: GET SUBSCRIPTION ACCESS  

How can I change my colour preference? 

We can do that for you. Please just email info@littlefawnbox.co.uk with the details. 

I have had my baby early. How can I change my babies age? 

We can do that for you. Please just email info@littlefawnbox.co.uk with the details. 

Can I edit the contents of my box? 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a bespoke service. 

What happens when my baby gets to 3 years?

You can either cancel your subscription, or continue with it if you feel the contents are still suitable

Who is the box for?

Little Fawn Box is for mums-to-be from their 20th week of pregnancy right up until the baby is 3 years old. 

I am not 20 weeks yet, but am too excited to wait. Can I still order?

Yes of course. You will just have to choose 20 weeks when you place the order. However, you will always be slightly ahead with the timings. 

What is the deadline to cancel my subscription? 

The deadline to cancel your subscription is 28th of the month. If you cancel after this date you will be charged, and your next box delivered. 

Can I pause my subscription?

Sure, you can do this in your account. You can easily resume it when you are ready to receive the box again. 

Can I return by box? 

Yes, you can return your box to us within 14 days of your box being dispatch. The box and its contents must be in an unopened and unused state. Please contact us before returning to get your return address. 

You will be refunded once we receive the box back to us. 

NB: Little Fawn box will not cover return postage fees. 

How can I reactivate my subscription? 

Simply log into your account here LOGIN 

You will be able to reactivate your account here. 

I ordered a gift subscription. What happens after it expires? 

When your gift subscription expires you will no longer receive our boxes. You can re-order another gift subscription, or a pay monthly subscription.

When will I receive my Little Fawn Box? 

You will receive your first box shortly after you place the initial order. Future boxes will be dispatched on or around the 1st of the month. 

Orders placed on or after the 22nd, will receive the following months box, which will be dispatched around the 1st. 

Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery. All boxes are sent using Hermes tracked.

My box is missing an item. 

Oh no, we are sorry to hear that. Please contact us at info@littlefawnbox.co.uk 

Why isn’t my box the same as I have seen on social media? 

Not all boxes are the same. Contents can vary depending on the babies age, but also depending on stock availability from the brand. However, all boxes are of a similar value and so you will not miss out!

What happens if I don’t have enough money on payment day? 

We will automatically attempt to take payment over the course of 6 working days. If you need to change your payment method you can do so by logging into your account. 

Why is my discount code not working? 

Please check you are attempting to use the code on the correct product. Our discount codes are specific to certain products. 

What if I receive the same product twice? 

This shouldn’t happen. However, sometimes mistakes do happen due to human error. If you have received the same product twice, please just email us at info@littlefawnbox.co.uk and we will rectify this for you. 

My box was dispatched more than 5 working days ago but I haven't received it?

Please check the tracking number that was emailed to you. You will also receive an email from Hermes when it is delivered. 

Why does it appear to be more expensive for a 3 or 6 month subscription? 

It isn’t more expensive. It is just that the p+p costs for the whole subscription are within this price. With the pay monthly, you are charged £2.99 each month.

Is your question not here? No problem, just email us at info@littlefawnbox.co.uk and we can answer your questions.

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