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Yay, you found us! We’re so excited to tell you about our new book subscription. We love reading with our kids and we’d love to help your little one to develop a love of reading too! Not only does it help them in the future but helps their brains to develop in those vital first three years.

Your box will have 3 wonderfully wordtastic books each month, with each month completely different, so you can share a book with your little reader and enjoy all the snuggles and laughter that come with it too. Plus to get the most out of your new books we’ve included some exciting activities, that are just right for your child’s age

What will I get each month?

A themed box

Each box has a different exciting and engaging theme.

3 themes books

Get 3 different books that you can enjoy together.

Age appropriate activities

We've created activities for you to do together to help you get the most out of the book you receive.

How it works

 There is nothing better than a snuggly bedtime story, it’s the perfect time to bond and share a real moment of closeness with your baby. Starting from 6 months right through to the age of 3, our boxes are your support in sharing the written word with your little reader, giving them the tools they need as they grow.

It may seem strange to read to a newborn or young baby, but it’s been shown to be super beneficial for both you and your baby. They are learning while you’re reading although it won’t be what you’re saying that’s important, just the fact you are talking at all. Read out blog on "The Importance of Reading to Your Baby" to find out more.

The words you read are powerful. They can soothe, inspire, delight and develop. Feels a bit like being a superhero, hey? Well, grab your metaphorical weapon of choice (or story of choice) and go save the day, one book at a time. 

Sign up now and give them the gift of reading

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