Your Baby At 3 Months

Exciting developments you might see at 3 months old

Three months feels like a real milestone for parents, especially as it’s around this time many mums and dads feel life settles into some sort of routine and starts to feel a lot easier. Your baby – no longer a new born – will be full of smiles, sleeping better than ever and still at the stage where they can’t crawl off to cause mischief. Chances are you’ll be starting to feel more confident as a parent, too. It’s a great time and one full of exciting developments.


Baby giggles

There truly is no better sound than an adorable baby in fits of laughter and this month you’re likely to hear your baby laugh out loud for the first time. Funny noises, tickles and peekaboo are all sure-fire ways to bring on giggles.


This month your baby will also start to smile at strangers –especially if they smile at your baby first. But don’t worry, by this stage your baby knows you are special, and you will always be the one rewarded with the best smiles.


Making noise

The tentative grunts and coos from last month have come on along way. Baby is likely to be babbling away to you now. Encourage this as much as possible with plenty of talking throughout the day, even if it’s just describing what you are doing. A step-by-step commentary on filling the dishwasher may not be exciting to you, but your baby will find it fascinating! Other ways of helping develop their language skills are by singing to baby, as well as reading. Of course, they are too young to understand what you’re saying, but snuggling up with a book is a wonderful bonding experience and baby will enjoy listening to your voice. Your baby’s brain is making thousands of connections a second at this age – so they will soak up any new information. If they look away or get upset, they may be over-stimulated – follow their cues and leave the books for a while if you need to.


Rolling onto their tummy

Tummy time is important as ever this month, as baby continues to strengthen their neck muscles. Start with 5 minutes at a time and work up to 15/30 minutes. Try getting down to their level and entertain them with toys or cloth books if they are not keen. At around 3 months your baby may surprise you (and themselves!) by rolling from their tummy onto their back, although this may not happen until they are up to 6 months old . Once they’ve got the hang of it, baby will love showing off this new skill, so try and change nappies and get them dressed on the floor if possible, otherwise never leave them unattended. Rolling from their back to their front is a lot trickier and it will be a while before they master this skill.


Skin to skin

It’s still important to have plenty of skin-to-skin contact with baby – it helps with bonding and as a comfort if they are upset or unsettled. Breastfeeding provides a great opportunity for skin-to-skin cuddles, but another option is baby massage. There are different classes or courses you can join to learn all about baby massage, or if you prefer you can put sometime aside to simply rub some gentle baby lotion into your little one’s skin– just make sure you talk to them and make lots of eye contact while you do this, to get the real benefits.


Arms and legs

Baby’s coordination is coming on well. They can show their excitement and happiness by waving their arms about and kicking their legs, with impressive strength! They will have discovered their hands by now and will try and explore them in the best way baby knows how – by putting them in their mouth. Your baby can now open their fists and play with their fingers. They are also slowly understanding the basics of cause and effect, so will try and bat hanging toys on their baby gym with intention, rather than by accident.


Should my baby be sleeping through the night?

By now, your baby’s sleep patterns should start to settle down. Although some babies can sleep through the night at 3 months, most will still wake for night feeds – although not as often as before. This is a good time to introduce a bedtime routine, as babies love nothing more than knowing what’s coming next. A simple, soothing routine will help baby relax and prepare them for bedtime. Something like a bath, baby massage, changing into night clothes and fresh nappy, cuddle, lullaby and bedtime feed, works well – but create a routine that suits you all. It’s a perfect chance of some quiet one-on-onetime at the end of the day.


3-month immunisations

At around 12 weeks your baby will have their second round of vaccinations. This includes a second dose of the Rotavirus oral immunisation and the second dose of the 6-in-1 vaccine.


Your baby will also have an immunisation to protect against Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV), which protects against infections like pneumonia, meningitis and bronchitis.



 Things to try with baby this month

     -         Wrist rattles are perfect at this age –they help to develop muscle control as well as baby’s hand-eye coordination.

     -         Singing songs with touching actions like ‘This little piggy’ and ‘Round and round the garden’ will delight your baby and provide plenty of giggles.

     -         Place a crinkly toy or book in your baby’s hands so they can practise their grip and make noise at the same time.

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