Your Baby At 10 Months

Exciting new developments at 10 months old

By now your 10-month-old has probably got the knack of cruising or crawling and can do both at impressive speed. Your little adventurer wants to do everything and be everywhere, so if there are places you want to be out-of-bounds for baby, like the kitchen or downstairs bathroom, try and keep those doors closed. If you haven’t already, think about putting up some stairgates at the bottom and top of your stairs – nothing is more appealing to a 10-month-old than being faced with a clear staircase to crawl up!


Independent baby

At this age, a lot of babies want to do things by themselves, even if they can’t quite manage it. If your baby becomes frustrated with a toy that won’t do what they want it to, give baby a few moments to try and work it out before offering help. Give plenty of encouragement and cheer every little success – this helps build your baby’s self-esteem and will make them want to keep trying new things.


This new independent streak is often shown through their eating. Your previously fantastic eater may now start to get a bit fussy and refuse some of the food they would usually devour. It’s a normal stage of development, as what they put in their mouth is one of the few things they have control over – thankfully this usually passes with time.


You may find that your baby also makes it known if they don’t want to get in the car seat or pushchair, screaming and adopting the traditional poker straight position, refusing to bend for you to strap them in safely. Take a few deep breaths and you’ll get there in the end!


At 10 months old your baby’s personality is really starting to show – whether that means flashing huge grins to everyone they meet, or shyly hiding their face when strangers try and say hello.


Remember, remember

Your 10-month-old’s memory is developing all the time. Now they are able to remember familiar faces – even those they haven’t seen in a while, where their toys are and they may well know exactly where you are heading on a walk if it’s somewhere they visit often, like the park or the school-run for older siblings.


First words

Your baby may be able to say mama and dada, but at the moment they use the words randomly for both parents. Over the next month your baby will start to make the connection between the words and people, so you might hear a “Mama” when you walk in the room.


Most babies will say their first word between the ages of10-11 months, but for most it’s a work in progress. If your baby attempts a word but doesn’t get it quite right – saying “buh-buh” when pointing at their bottle– repeat it back to them, saying “yes, that’s your bottle”.


Don’t worry if your baby hasn’t tried out any words just yet, some prefer to wait until they feel more confident to give it a go. If at any point you have concerns, your health visitor will be able to offer reassurance or guidance.


New fears

Around this age, many babies will become a little afraid of sounds that never used to bother them, like the doorbell, the telephone ringing or the vacuum cleaner. It’s a normal stage, that will pass, so in the meantime just give your baby a cuddle and some reassurance that everything is fine, and you are there.


Things to try with baby this month

     -         Nurture a love of reading, even at this early age, by enjoying story time each day. Lift the flaps books are a great choice for engaging your 10-month-old.

     -         Mark-making. Tape a large sheet of paper or a roll of old wallpaper onto the floor and let your baby scribble with chunky crayons. Be sure to praise their efforts!

     -         Let your baby burn off some energy by setting up an obstacle course at home. Sofa cushions, pillows and pop-up tunnels all provide a safe and fun environment for baby to explore.

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