Your Baby At 1 Month

How your baby is growing and developing at 1 month old

It’s amazing to see how much your baby has changed in just 4 weeks. Already your little one is becoming more social and can coo, gurgle and grunt to let you know how they are feeling. This is the very early stages of communicating their wants and needs, so encourage it as much as you can by joining in the conversation, copying their noises, face-to-face. Yes, you might feel a little silly ‘goo-goo’-ing away to begin with, but your baby will absolutely love it – and believe us, you’ll soon be a pro at baby talk! Even if you’re away from your baby, keep chatting and singing to them – it will comfort and entertain your baby, and it’s never too early to kick start their language skills.


Getting stronger 

Although baby’s neck muscles are still weak, they are getting stronger and they may even be able to lift their head for a few moments or turn it from side to side at 1 month old. The head will still need plenty of support when you hold baby, but encouraging tummy time (where you lie your baby tummy down on your chest or the floor, for just a couple of minutes at a time) will really help in developing those muscles.


Your baby is slowly discovering their arms and legs– usually by accidentally hitting themselves in the face – but it will take a while before they can coordinate them and work out exactly what they are and what they can do. Prepare to lose hours just gazing at your baby as they try and figure out what these strange things attached to them are!


Your baby’s senses

Your baby’s fuzzy new born eyesight has come on a lot and at 1month they will have pretty much mastered the art of focusing with both eyes. Although they can only see things up to around 30cm away, baby can now track a moving object. Put your face close to theirs and move slowly from side to side and watch as your baby follows you with their eyes. You can also try and catch their attention with a toy –­ black and white toys work best at the moment, as they high contrast makes it easier for baby to pick out.


By now, your baby’s hearing is fully developed, so any loud or sudden noises, like a dog barking or hand clap, will usually get a reaction. They may turn their head towards the source of the sound, or even jump slightly. It’s a great time to introduce music into their life too, whether that’s by singing nursery rhymes or playing some music to baby – it won’t belong until they make it clear what kind of music they prefer!


Babies and milestones

Every baby is unique, and they will all hit different milestones in their own time. As parents we can encourage them, but at the end of the day it’s really up to baby! Try not to constantly compare your baby to others, but if you are ever concerned about their development, chat to your health visitor or GP. Do keep in mind that a premature baby (one born before 37 weeks of pregnancy) tends to hit their milestones a little later than other babies their age. This is completely natural – give them a little more time and they will find their way.


Things to try with baby this month

     -         Talk – a lot! Your baby learns from you, so chat away and make lots of eye contact.

     -         Tummy Time. Lie your baby on your chest for a minute or so at a time. This gives baby the chance to strengthen those neck muscles, as well as stare at their favourite face – yours! If your baby gets upset at all, stop and try again another time.

     -         Safely hang a mobile above your baby’s cot. It will help them practise their focusing skills.

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