Sensory Play Activities

  • Black & White Sensory Images

    High contrast black-and-white or bold colourful images are the mostpopular “toy” when it comes to newborns. They stimulate the development of...
  • Tube Drop

    This activity only requires 3 items. Most of them you’ll already have at home. The pompom tube drop is a developmental activity that will hel...
  • Twist Off Board

    Simple board made with squeeze pouch caps. This is another great fine motor skills, also helps to develop their hand eye coordination and prob...
  • Sand Farm

    As we all know this one ingredient cheerios sand has gone wild all over social media. But here is just a little twist to make it more appealin...
  • High Chair Water Play

    The Benefits of Water Play   There’s no fancy toys, trays, buckets or water tables in these pictures, just the good ole’ high chair and some t...
  • 6 Different Ways to Play with Stacking Cups

    What a fab way to develop your kiddos concentration, gross and fine motor skills than the stacking and re-stacking of cups (and be prepared to...
  • Pom Pom Drop & Grab

    This activity is so easy to put together.  Pushing the pom poms into the bottles is great for working on a tripod grasp. They tend to push th...
  • Exploring Yellow

    Vibrant coloured rice are always every child’s favourite. They can never wait to dig in and start playing. It is a amazing way to learn colours and feel different textures. 
  • Taste Safe Foam

    This is a super quick and easy, taste safe, messy(ish) sensory play activity, that entertains for up a long time. Exploring and discovering with sensory play offers many learning opportunities for growing minds. Sensory play also supports many senses such as; smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing.
  • Sensory Bags

    Sensory play is important for all children at many of their development stages. 


    These bags are a great experience without any mess. 

  • Whisk Pom Pom

    This is a super fun fine motor activity for babies. And it's so simple it takes no time to set up!  This is a great way to support your child’s fine motor skill and challenges them to use their fingers in different ways. 


  • DIY Edible Paint

    Do you want to paint with your baby but they put everything in their mouth? We have a solution!  These edible paints are great for toddlers and babies that are on solid foods. And they are SO simple! 

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