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T A S T E • S A F E • F O A M

This is a super quick and easy, taste safe, messy’ish’ sensory play, that holds up a long time.

When you blend chickpea liquid it turns into a amazing textured foam.You can add any objects or toys you like, here we used any random toys around the house that looked like the letter O or number 0, or are circle shaped. 

Exploring and discovering with sensory play offers many learning opportunities for growing minds. Sensory play also supports many senses such as; smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing. 

All you need for this is:

- Chickpea liquid 

- Cream of tarter OR Baking powder (optional) 

- Food colouring of your choice 

- Any toys or objects 

1. Use a can or a jar of chickpeas and empty the liquid into a bowl 

2. Add few drops of your food colouring 

3. Add 1/2 tsp of cream of tarter OR baking powder 

4. Using hand or stand mixer, beat the mixture for 5 minutes 

And that’s it. You've created a super fun, taste safe activity. 

Supports with;

- Fine motor skill 

- Cognitive development 

- Experimental play 

- Building vocabulary

* Please do not leave baby unattended with any of these activities