Pop 'N' Play Bubble Sensory Activity

Your toddler will be bubbling with joy at this Pop 'N' Play Bubble Sensory Activity! Plus, it's not just fun for them, but pretty cheap for you to execute, too. We call that a win win ūü§©

ūüďł & idea: @meghan_0x

All you need?

- 1 cup water

- 1 table spoon glycerin

- 1/4 cup natural

- Washing up liquid

What to do:

You can blow the bubbles around baby or if your baby is old enough, you can instruct them to blow the bubbles themselves and pop them.

Tips for bubble play:

1. Make sure the wand is not a size that babies or children can choke on.

2. Use a child friendly, non-toxic bubble mixture (see above).

3. Ensure that no soap gets in your child’s eyes.

4. Be sure to make learning fun! Come back to it if your baby is not in the mood.

What kind of learning opportunities does this craft provide?

- Visual tracking skills

- Gross motor movement, balance and muscle tone development

- Fine motor development

- Hand-eye and foot-eye coordination

- Spatial awareness and directionality

- Body awareness

Note: As with all of our activities, we recommend full supervision because, as we know, little ones like to explore with all of their senses - including their mouths! Never leave your baby unattended with any toy or activity.

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