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P E E L • & • P U L L • S T R A W S

This is a really easy idea to keep little one entertained while you are getting dinner ready, or just need a minute with them contained and busy. Every child will enjoy this one and it only takes a minute to set up! 

This will support their cognitive thinking and fine motor skill (pincer grasp). 

All you need is 

- Straws 

- Any coloured tape 

Cut strips of coloured tape and stick them with straws on your chosen surface. We used the highchair but you could also do this on the floor. And with older children a great idea is to do it on a wall or window with them either sitting or standing and reaching. 

Just start by showing your little one how to peel off the tape and they will copy you. 

* Do not leave baby unattended whilst doing any of these activities.