Chickpea Sensory Activity

Get those chickpeas out of the pantry. It's time for some colourful fun!

Thanks for sharing this easy and fun idea @funwith.florence ūüíē

All you need?

Dried chickpeas

Zip-lock/ sandwich bags

Tempera/ Ready Mix Paint

Tray for drying the painted chickpeas

What to do:

- Fill a zip-lock bag or sandwich bag with chickpeas and add a few generous squirts of tempera paint.

- Work the paint into the chickpeas by scrunching and shaking the bag. Open the bag and check if they need a little more paint or scrunching in order to be completely covered.

- Once you are happy, lay them out on a lined baking tray to dry. You can speed up the drying process by placing the baking tray in the oven on a very low heat.

- Repeat the process for different colours using a different zip-loc bag or wash the one you've just used.

Once dry, pour them into a tray with scoops and bowls and other sensory play tools.

What kind of learning opportunities does this craft provide?

- Tactile Sensory Input

- Hand-eye coordination

- Gross motor skills

- Fine motor skills

- Sensory exploration

Note: As with all of our activities, we recommend full supervision because, as we know, little ones like to explore with all of their senses - including their mouths!

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