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Sensory Play Activities

  • P O M • P O M • D R O P • & • G R A B

    This activity is so easy to put together.    Pushing the pom poms into the bottles is great for working on a tripod grasp. They te...
  • E X P L O R I N G • Y E L L O W

    Vibrant coloured rice are always every child’s favourite. They can never wait to dig in and start playing. It is a amazing way to learn colours and feel different textures. 
  • T A S T E • S A F E • F O A M

    This is a super quick and easy, taste safe, messy’ish’ sensory play, that holds up a long time.   When you blend chickpea liquid i...
  • S E N S O R Y • B A G S

    Sensory play is important for all children at many of their development stages. 


    These bags are a great experience without any mess. 

  • W H I S K • P O M • P O M

    This is a super fun fine motor activity for babies. And it's so simple it takes no time to set up!  This is a great way to support your child’s fine motor skill and challenges them to use their fingers in different ways. 


  • D I Y • E D I B L E • P A I N T

    Do you want to paint with your baby but they put everything in their mouth? We have a solution!  These edible paints are great for toddlers and babies that are on solid foods. And they are SO simple! 

  • D I Y • B U S Y • B O A R D

    Once your little one becomes more active and at the crawling stage, they tend to want to go and play with objects that they "aren't allowed." The t.v remote, light switch, door knob, calculator, pretty much anything they could get their hands on.
  • S E N S O R Y • B O T T L E S

    Sensory bottles are so simple to create. All you need is the supplies and pour into the bottle. You can even use anything you have at home, rice, beads, scarves, foil even just water and olive oil! 

  • P E E L • & • P U L L • S T R A W S

      This is a really easy idea to keep little one entertained while you are getting dinner ready, or just need a minute with th...