Sensory Play Activities

  • Ice Cream Sensory Activity

    When you think Ice Cream Sensory Play you automatically think messy, right? Nope. I scream, you scream, we all scream for this (mess-free) Ice Cream Sensory Play Idea by @funwith.florence 🍦
  • Buzz Buzz Bee Sensory Bin Activity

    Your little ones will buzz with happiness at this Un-BEE-lievably fun Buzz Buzz Bee Sensory Bin 🐝 by @meghan_0x. It's the perfect spring activity in a safe environment- away from actual bees and actual bee stings!



  • Under-water Adventure Sensory Activity

    It's time for an under-water adventure where your little ones can explore (and taste 🤤) the deep blue sea 🌊. Thanks for sharing this Sandy Beach Sensory Play, @funwith.florence. Now let's have some wet, messy fun!
  • 5 outdoor sensory activities to try with your toddler this spring

    As the weather starts to warm up, it's the perfect time to enjoy more outdoor time with your little ones. Rachel Clinkard — from family-run fo...
  • DIY Paint Sensory Activity

    Babies, toddlers and kids absolutely love to paint and this DIY Window Paint Sensory Activity is perfect for them! Ditch the store bought paint for a non-toxic, taste-safe substitute that will provide hours of safe sensory play for kids of all ages!

    Thanks for sharing this with us @funwith.florence! 😍

  • Nature Treasure Basket Sensory Activity

    It's funny that anyone ever thought a baby will calmly sit next to you and be content. At this stage, they are surprisingly adventurous and want to learn and discover new things, all at once! With this Nature Treasure Basket Sensory Play Idea by @meghan_0x, you can let your baby discover the world around them safely.
  • Easter Sensory Activities Round Up

    A round up of our favourite Easter sensory play activities.
  • Jelly Easter Egg Hunt Activity

    Jelly Easter Egg Hunt! - by @tinamariegreen

     Jelly Easter Egg Hunt is the perfect ooey gooey messy fun you're going to want to say "yes" to!

  • Rainbow Easter Sensory Bin Activity

    Rainbow Easter Sensory Bin - so easy but so much fun! Watch your little ones get wrapped up in this for hours of endless play. Well, hop to it. Link in bio on how to play!⁣

    ⁣Thanks for sharing with us @mrs.rachelendres⁣ 

  • Easter Egg Rescue Activity

    Easter Egg Rescue - by @funwith.florence

    Make Easter all the more exciting with Easter Egg Rescue! This eggcellent (see what we did there) sensory play idea for you and your little bunny is sure to get them hopping with happiness!

  • Heart Breaker Valentines Sensory Activity

    Heart Breaker - by @onemamasjourney_

    If it were any other time, we wouldn't want our little one's breaking hearts - but this craft is the exception! By holding and working with a hammer, your little one is developing fine-motor skills as well as the understanding that we can use tools to assist us in accomplishing a task.

  • Spill the Beans! Valentines Sensory Activity

    Spill the beans! - by @thrifty_crafty_mama

    We've bean thinking about how to incorporate other fun shapes into our Valentine's sensory play and @thirty_crafty_mama has the answer - beans! With the addition of shredded paper and heart shapes, this is the perfect craft to show your little one "I love you".

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