10 Ways To Help With Morning Sickness

How to cope with the nausea and vomiting during those early months of pregnancy 

Morning sickness – it’s not fun and it’s not pretty, but it’s very common during the early stages of your pregnancy. The bad news? The name is pretty misleading, as this sickness can affect you any time of day or night – and some women may feel sick all day long. The good news? It’s usually worse for just the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, then should clear up completely by weeks 16 to 20.


Moring sickness is thought to be a reaction to pregnancy hormones, which flood your body during the first trimester. You might be more susceptible to the nausea if you are having multiples, have a history of morning sickness in your family or you’re prone to motion sickness. It’s an unpleasant but manageable side-effect of what is a very exciting time in your life and doesn’t affect your baby at all.


If you’re worried your sickness is severe and will not go away, always call your doctor or midwife for professional advice.


Although there’s no cure to get rid of morning sickness– if only! – there are ways you help ease the symptoms and give you some relief.


     1.    Get some rest
Of course we understand this is easier said than done, but tiredness can make your sickness worse, so if you can try and take it easy during the early months of pregnancy it will really help.


    2.   Keep snacks handy
Many women find the nausea can hit them hard when they first wake up. To make sure you don’t start your day running to the bathroom, keep some snacks next to your bed to slowly nibble on before you get up. Dry crackers or a ginger biscuit are great choices.


    3.   Little and often
Instead of sticking to your three big meals a day, eat six small meals a day to make sure you never have an empty stomach and to keep those sugar levels balanced. Little and often really is the key to preventing the dreaded pregnancy nausea.


    4.   Drink up
Just like eating, it’s best to take frequent sips of water during the day to stay hydrated. Try to avoid gulping your drink as this can make you feel sick.


    5.   Eat the carbs
Carbohydrates can be easier to eat when you’re feeling a bit nauseous, so if you’re struggling to keep much down try small portions of rice, potatoes, pasts and bread throughout the day.


    6.   Avoid your ‘triggers’
Pregnancy can do funny things to your body and in the early weeks and months you might become averse to certain food or smells, so much so they may make you feel sick. Once you’ve worked out what these triggers are, try and avoid them as best you can.


    7.   Keep it cool
For many pregnant women, the smell of hot food or cooking can bring on morning sickness in the early stages. If this affects you, stick to cold meals until your morning sickness passes.


    8.   Get some ginger
There is some evidence to suggest that ginger may help reduce sickness and nausea. Try a warming ginger tea, cool ginger ale or nibble on a ginger biscuit to help with any waves of nausea. Just check with your midwife or doctor before taking any ginger supplements with pregnant.


    9.   Try complementary therapies
Many women say acupressure has helped relieve their morning sickness. You can either wear an acupressure band or bracelet or try it yourself. Face your palm upwards, find your acupressure on your wrist and press for 2 – 3 minutes.


    10.  Sniff a lemon
Sometimes just the smell of a freshly cut lemon is enough to ward off the morning sickness. You can also try popping some slices in cold or hot water, to sip throughout the day.

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